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What to Do With Frizzy Hair: 10 Gorgeous Hairstyles to Hide the Frizz

What to Do With Frizzy Hair: 10 Gorgeous Hairstyles to Hide the Frizz

I am constantly battling with frizzy hair, especially in summer as I live in a particularly humid and tropical place. Plus, to make things worse, I have thick, wavy hair that is really prone to frizziness. I never know what to do with my frizzy hair and it drives me nuts!

What Causes Hair to Frizz in Humidity Image - FB

What Causes Hair to Frizz in Humidity?

If we take a single strand of hair and look at it under a microscope, we can see that it is mostly made up of bundles of long keratin proteins. These keratin proteins are chemically bonded together in one of two ways.

On bond determines the hair’s strength, which isn’t affected by humidity. The second bond, on the other hand, is weaker and temporary. It is called a hydrogen bond and these form between adjacent keratin proteins. These bond break and form new ones each time your hair gets wet and dries again.

Humid air contains much higher levels of water molecules than dry air. This means that a single strand of hair will form many more hydrogen bonds on a humid day. And as the bond break and reform, it  actually causes the hair to fold back on itself at the molecular level at a greater rate, resulting in frizzy hair.

How Do You Make Your Hair Not Frizzy After a Shower?

Just as your hair gets frizzy in humidity, the same will happen in the shower, even if you don’t get your hair wet or wash it.

The best way to keep your hair protected from moisture is to wear a shower cap. Luckily these days the selection of shower caps is wonderful and you can rock a chic shower cap. You don’t have to put on a cheap, transparent plastic one, or a floral one like Grandma used to wear!

Another way to reduce frizz after stepping out of the shower is to brush your hair before you wash it. You will rid your scalp of any loose hairs and also distribute the natural oils through the hair. Try using an anti frizz brush like the ForBabs X-Static.

Make Hair Not Frizzy After Straightening Image - FB

How Can You Make Your Hair Not Frizzy After You Straighten it?

How many times have you carefully straightened your hair with a flat iron and then as soon as you step out of the house it frizzes up? One expert’s tip to reducing the chance of frizzy hair after straightening it is to gently dry your hair with a microfiber towel.

If you like using your blow dryer, then do a “rough “dry”. This is when you shake the dryer back and forth over your head until your hair is 80% dry. You can then let it air dry or continue to blow dry it smooth with a small barrel brush.

Another tip is to never straighten damp hair with a flat iron. Always wait for it to be completely dry before adding any heat. Otherwise you are just boiling water on each strand!

Finally, before you straighten your hair, use a heat-protectant product and finish off with either a spritz of anti-frizz spray or a natural oil such as argan.

What To Do With Frizzy Hair if All Else Fails

If your hair does succumb to frizz, not matter what you do, then check out these hairstyle ideas. These may give you some ideas on what to do with frizzy hair and how to disguise it!

The best way is to keep your style loose, casual, even messy. If you try for sleek and smooth, the frizz is going to take over and ruin the look.

1. Braid

Loosely braid your hair and secure with a hair tie.

Pony Tail Braid Image - FB

2.Pony Tail Braid 

Secure your hair first in a mid-height ponytail, braid it and then secure it with a hair tie.

3. Side Braid

Braid your hair to the side so that it lies over one shoulder.

4. Top Knot

Pull up all your hair to the top of your head, wrap it into a messy bun and secure with pins or a hair tie.

Low Bun Image - FB

5. Low Bun

Secure your hair in a bun at the nape of your neck.

6. Low Side Pony Tail

Tie a low pony tail to one side.

7. High Pony Tail 

Pull all your hair up on top of your head and use a hair tie

Cascading Curls Image - FB

8. Cascading Curls

Embrace your curls and use a curl defining spray.

9. Half Up Half Down 

Such a simple, but gorgeous look. Section off the top and secure with a hair tie, clips, or combs.

Crown Braids Image - FB

10. Crown Braids

Take a small section of hair on your crown and braid.


You can also check out some more frizzy hair tips here.


I’d love to hear your ideas on what to do with frizzy hair! Let me know in the comments below. 



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